Facebook or Instagram, the new drug of millennials
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I was asked to fill a medical record form and here is one of the questions i was asked: Do you take drugs ?. I took a minute before i responded and at the same time i asked the secretary (a millennial (?) ) this question: How do you define drug ? She said: Cocain, Marijuana, etc.... I understood she meant addiction to something harmful.

I replied: we all take drugs then. She asked how so? I said all of us use FACEBOOK. She started to laugh and said that is so true!.

I have decided to classify Facebook or Instagram as a drug not for what it is but for the level of addiction that equals or surpasses the addiction caused by cocain or marijuana. The level of dependency is unbelievable. Let us confirm our position by analyzing some statistics (see the infographic):

Infographic: 3 in 10 World Citizens Are on Facebook | Statista

According to a report from Statista, there are 7.7 billion people in the world as of march 2019. out of that number 4.4 billion use internet. Impressively out of those internet users 2.4 Billion use Facebook. That is a phenomenon. It is so from the very fact that a young guy could discover at the age of 19 what could be one of the basic needs of human being: social / relationship / self-expression. Maslow theory confirms that very well in his pyramid of needs. What i have learned from USA through Mark Zuckerberg is the possibility to achieve the american dream by any american citizen. All conditions are met for that to happen.

However there is a huge price we all will have to pay because of that phenomenon. The Price is high and can negatively affect the world population itself if we misuse facebook. Governments around the world have not taken the time to understand the risk that is involved in misusing facebook. Either from the company with respect to users data or the users with respect to how they consume facebook and what they consume from using facebook. Let us elaborate more on each one.

1) How the company uses users data, more specifically personal information: We are all aware of the various cases where millions of users personal information were compromised because of repeated security breaches that happened at the company. That could have caused the unevitable collapse of the company if strict regulations were put in place and governments had understood the eminence of the problem. I agree with those who want that each company should pay the price of a data breach either by paying a certain amount of money to the affected users or any other way. We cannot allow a child feel free to do anything that can compromise his life when we are responsible as a parent to protect him/her. The parent here is the government.

2) How much people use facebook and what they do on the app: I have been using facebook for a very long time now. I have done deep social engineering trying to understand the impact of the app on users. Many will agree with me it is a complete waste of time for non educated millennials, those who have no clue about netethics. How can you imagine someone spending 8 hours a day on an app only posting personal pictures and like the ones of others (Total fantasy). For many you would see no evidence of their ability to think by the kind of information they share or the things they like. If we remember the american famous saying: Time is money. You can do the math of how much deficit one is imposing on him/herself. That is the road to self-ruin. It is therefore the responsibility of every government to update their national education programs to ensure "social media" courses are included in the curriculum from secondary school. The growth rate of facebook is vertiginous and if we do not take action NOW government will deepen the hole of misery of their own citizens because of their failure to address a threat that was eminent.

Now, if we look at the other side of the coin, facebook and the other social media platforms can contribute to making this world a better place to live. We have never been so close to one another. We have never had such easy access to valuable information. I am grateful to the Facebook Team for having contributed. Still, millennials choose not to use the good side of the coin for their personal development and the one of their country just because they have not been educated about that. It will be possible when each user understand they must use facebook or any other SM to share valuable information that can help one anoteher solve problems instead of making them feel physically good (fantasized) by looking at a beautiful woman/men pictures for example. How about posting valuable information on how to start a business?. Steps that it takes and things to consider. How about educating on personal finance, the value of money and how to manage one's finances (better share documentaries such as "money revealed"). Those are the type of use that social media platform users should promote and that must be the JOB of each and every government around the world to teach at school how to use them for the sake of their country's best interest. I cannot imagine a millennial being ready to take the leadership of his/her country because he/she has not been trained on how to be "responsible". "Leaders are MADE, not born" as confirmed by Toastmasters International.

I could have elaborated more on the topic but i prefer to stop here as i know your time is precious. I wanted to ensure i flag this eminent problem coming our way and if you who is reading this blog do not take action or your government, we all will have to suffer from what will soon happen. If you want to see how i have been using social media, go to my facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. See for yourself how i contribute to making this world a better place to live. I wish to see at least 50 out of 100 social media users follow the way: "Heal the world. Make it a better place to live" as it was the wish of Michael Jackson.


Helping people succeed by showing the most important things on which they need to focus their attention in life. We have been misguided on many things. We should always question the whys of everything.

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