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How to choose an effective contact center service
(Reading time: 2 - 4 minutes)
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Few people in business know what doing business is exactly about. You may have learned that doing business is about making profit but today i will tell you i personally do not agree. If i were to agree with that definition then i would accept any mediocre contact center service. By the way, according to Statista, “having an issue solved at the first call or transaction” is the top priority of any customer calling a contact center.

Satista Graphic Contact Center Important Aspect


Image by Statista

Today, I will share with you how to choose an effective contact center service based on the real definition of business which is “solve a problem”. Solving a problem entails selling a product or service and providing the required support in order to ensure the customer experience stays positive always.


You may have asked what authority I have to be talking about contact center service. Well, I had the privilege to train and oversee a contact center team for a corporate branch and I have myself been trained and have provided customer services to many businesses (national and international). You can check my linkedIn profile for more info.

Our approach to choosing an effective call center service will be based on WWH, which stands for Who, What and How?


I read an article about how important it is to have and know your personality. What I mean here is you have to know the type of personality your business is reflecting. That defines very well your motivation for going extra miles to have things done. That must be reflected in every hire you make in order to ensure it is consistent everywhere at your company. If your personality is to have everything done on time then you will make sure if your customer service agent asks a customer to wait on the line for 3 minutes then that must be said and done.


The what is defining the outcome of any decision, whether it is to have à customer issue solved during the first transaction or maximum the second transaction as some issues required an escalation. Remember the most important aspect of a good customer service experience i mentioned above along with “the who” can be combined to have a perfect outcome.


We have learned the relevance of the Who and the What, now it is time to materialize both in the How. That is when you have to decide which service provider you will choose. Maybe you want to go with Amazon Connect where Amazon Connect is a new model of Call Center that boosts analytics and machine learning with all the benefits of the AWS cloud: flexibility, pay-per-use, simpler, faster, customized and proactive. Or you may want to try gartner contact center as a service. Watch the videos below and make your own decision:

As a recap, to choose an effective contact center service, you must know who you are as a company and use the most important aspect of customer experience to determine what you want as outcome of the implementation of the call center and watch the videos provided to materialize the project. Bear in mind that integrating AI or artificial intelligence in your processes makes the outcome more effective. When you do so then you will get a reward as enough profit to beat the competition.

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